Don't Call It A Comeback

by MIKEL MCCOY · June 12, 2008

     We've talked about the 90s making a strong comeback at GofaG before. But this is a bit ridiculous. On a steamy and bright walk through the West Village I came across this poster. The cycle continues, though it used to take at least 15-20 years before a decade would be "cool" again. A precedent was set a few years back when the 90s really first starting being cool again with the rise of the retro kids and the Fresh Prince style in early 2003.

    Instead of the full 20 years it would now only take 12-15 years. Well that's been blown away too. Vh1 is remembering the decade that we live in right now. Yeah, the one that is still not finished with its I Love the New Millennium. My only question now is what's going to happen when all the retro love buts up against the contemporary happenings that turn our world . Or is it really just a bigger question of innovation vs. reinvention?

    [The '90s Are The New '80s]