Dr. Phil, Get the Hell Out of My Room!

by guestofaguest · January 9, 2008


    Imagine being in your hospital room at Cedar's Sinai Medical Center, only to find Dr. Phil with his shit-eating grin, ready to dispense his brand of tough love and exploit you for ratings.  This is exactly what happened to our favorite shark-jumping popstar B. Spears the other day.  While Britney has certainly brought upon all of her other troubles, this is one she definitely did not.

    Dr. Phil, "what were you thinking"!?  Oh wait, you weren't.   Dr. Joyce had the following to say about Phil's potential mental health malfeasance:

    "I'm sure Dr. Phil does not want to exploit her. He has all this experience in helping people get over problems"

    But wait, Dr. Joyce Brothers lives in a glass house when it comes to this since she herself has been television psychologist for 30 years.

    Thinks for Spears aren't all bad these days.  She just got a pass from Mr. Blackwell's annual worst-dressed list, a list which our favorite little goblin Mary-Kate Olsen made sure to fill out the number 3 spot.