Response To Hyphenate's "The Barbaro-Faced Broad"

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 21, 2008

    [youtube:] The hyphenate makes some really good points about how men can be somewhat unfair in their unrelenting judgments on women, but to be fair, and since I'm part of the male voice of gofg I feel I must say something. Women tend to like trip us up a bit. Sure some of its all for fun and the cat and mouse game that is courtship in the post sex in the city era, but a lot of it is super confusing and down right uncool.

    Of course two wrongs never make a right and instead of the hard-nosed critiquing of the female form, which I for one appreciate in its many and varied forms, Listening to other men having the same problem can if not solve the problem, at least add needed perspective to the situation. Take the Song by British group the Jesus and Mary Chain 'You Trip Me UP' All distortion, heavy elemental vocals about love ocean's being frozen, plus cool, bored hair-deliberately-in-the-face insolence and leather beachwear. Yes ladies that what you've driven us to at times… Walking sideways to avoid you when we've annoyed you.