Beatrice Inn Regulars Play In Rory Guinness' Video Shoot

by Rachelle Hruska · December 16, 2008

    Jules Kirby, Paul Johnson-Calderon [Jules Kirby seduces Paul Johnson-Calderon at Beatrice Inn]

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    Last Sunday afternoon, regulars of Beatrice Inn gathered to partake in Rory Guinness' latest video shoot.  Socials like Paul Johnson-Calderon and #1 NYC Bachelorette Jules Kirby joined Byrdie Bell, Megan Romano, David Stonehill, Sabine Eckle, Rebecca Guinness, Ben Kopit, Nicole Laborante, Barbara Dial, Jessica Rosen, Debra Mitan, James Penfold, David Colloff, Maximillan Papadopoulos and others got down to buisness at Bea before heading to the Corner Bistro to munch on burgers and fries and then watch the Giants lose before going BACK to Beatrice to finish the night.  The incredibly charming and handsome Christos Katsiaouni took photos.

    More photos and actual video below!


    Jules Kirby

    Paul Johnson-Calderon, Jules Kirby