Congratulations Chau Ngo And David X Prutting! NYC's Sexiest Couple Now Engaged After Romantic Proposal In Italy!

by Rachelle Hruska · January 6, 2009

    "L'amore mantiene giovani." ("The heart that loves is always young.")

    After three years of sharing their ups, downs, and everything in between with each other, David X Prutting and Chau Ngo are officially engaged!  They met in '03 while in college (she was at St. Lawrence, he at Ithaca College). David knew he wanted to be with her after their first meeting (after three years, they were).  He proposed to her on their Christmas/New Year's trip to Italy, the land of so many famous romantics before him.

    More photos and story below:

    "Ciao Bella!"

    It only took one meeting....Chau has been David's bella ever since.

    The proposal took place on New Year's Eve at Michelangelo's masterpiece "The David" in Florence.  It was apparently right at closing time so the place was virtually empty.  I, of course, was ecstatic to hear this news and immediately emailed David to hear about the proposal.  This is what he had to say:

    "For the first time I've made a decision that will determine the rest of my life that I'm certain and comfortable with. I'm also blessed to have such good friends and family that is supportive and happy for us. Its great to share in the celebration. Now if we can only have a wedding big enough to fit everyone."


    Here's what Chau had to say:

    "The truth was we met very briefly for like 5minutes. But I must have really wowed him in that short time b/c it wasn't till when we first started to date that he told me that he thought about me for 3 yrs + and knew we were going to be together one day. Fate finally seized the day when he heard I was in nyc 3yrs later, he was determined not to lose me this time around."

    The best thing about Chau and David is the unwavering down-to-earthness that they exude.  They are charming and glamorous, but mostly, they are just plain fun to be around.  Congrats to you both!  We are all looking forward to continue to watch you create beauty around you.