The City Has Arrived....New Year's Plans Put On Hold

by Rachelle Hruska · December 31, 2008

    [Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo Meet Manolo Blahnik, Photo via PMC]

    You thought I forgot didn't you?  Well I did, almost.  Almost.  Can't a girl get a vacation?!  Alas, my full report on what I did and did not think about "The City" to come tomorrow morning, straight from another island, far, far away from Manolos and Bergdorfs.

    To read about the girls meeting Manolo himself ala episode two when it really happened, on September 15, click here: [Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo: Newest Carrie Bradshaws In Town]

    Another thing I missed, Uncle Steve over at BlackBook naming us the best blog in town.  What a guy!