Scallywag Gets The Dirt On The Laliberte Love Triangle

by Rachelle Hruska · December 18, 2008

    Scallywag & Vagabond attended our festive holiday party at Bungalow 8 on Tuesday night and, apparently had quite the time chatting it up with Kristian Laliberte:

    SCV: Is there anyone you are sleeping with around right now?

    Kristian: Always. To my left I have my boyfriend Sean and to my right Ana Devon Rose, my wife.

    SCV: That’s very bold of you. Do they know about each other?

    Kristian: I should think so. After all they’ve been introduced to each other a number of times.

    SCV: And no hair or nails were spilt?

    Kristian: No unfortunately.

    SCV: So I trust it’s all a very happy arrangement.

    Kristian: Yes, quite amiable. Have you not noticed how they stroke each other’s face?

    To read more about the dirt Kristian gave him, click below:

    SCV: Yes rather soothingly. Tell us Kristian besides attending to your bedtime manners what else are you doing?

    Kristian: Well writing actually.

    SCV: Yes, after all a socialite or aspiring socialite needn’t have a real job.

    Kristian: That would be a trifle uncomfortable.

    SCV: And unbearable. So is there a novel in the works?

    Kristian: Funny you should ask.

    SCV: What’s it called?

    Kristian: The Socialite.

    SCV: Of course it is.

    And with that I bid Mr. Laliberte a pleasant evening as I went on with the happy business of appearing refreshingly idle and alert, banal and mindless, effervescent and confused, outwardly consumed with valor, inwardly wondering what was on tv later that night and so on. These are the things we aspiring and actual socialites think about as you flash your camera on us. So next time you take a good look at that picture spare a thought for the poor soul inside those photos who is half wondering and laughing to himself –

    “Why do they care so much about what I have to say.”

    Go HERE to read full interview.