How To Plan A Successful West Village Pub Crawl, Or UES "Beerfest":

by Rachelle Hruska · March 3, 2009

    [Jared Baumeister's"Beerfest"at Pat O'Brians on 88th and 2nd. Black Russian hat, [Scott Allyne], White Russian hat [Jared Baumeister], Hiding in back [Chris Brady]Uncle Sam Hat [Austin Conroy], Green shirt +cowboy hat [Santiago Iturbe], beret + glasses [Vanessa Boekamper], Green Irish hat

    Interested in doing something different to warm up your belly this Saturday? Why not take some advice from these cool kids above who recently just completed Jared Baumeister's Beerfest uptown or those that took place in the official Chris Brady pub crawl and start your own day of debauchery? All you need is some wacky clothes, friends in need of letting loose, and a plan.  Take some hints from Brady's email....

    "I declare that drastic measures must be taken to fight terror. To facilitate our pursuit of freedom, I propose an event of epic proportions and audacity. What am I talking about? Change. A departure from the same old boring Saturday, a departure from reality, an opportunity to make a difference, to make your mark on this world, a chance to get stupid drunk. I'm talking about a pub crawl. A time honored tradition in which we visit numerous establishments where the beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

    Below you will find a map, one in which the treasure is better than gold; the booty I speak of is a quest for awesomeness that will begin promptly at 1:00 pm ET tomorrow, Saturday, February 7th. We will attack the West Village, dressed to impress, with an unquenchable thirst. So bring your friends, your favorite accoutrement, your wallets and your livers and let's get wiggity wild. Because, why not?

    Schedule of mayhem:

    1PM - Down the Hatch 2PM - Barrow Street Ale House 3PM - Fat Cat Billiards 4PM - Lederhosen 5PM - Bayard's Ale House 6PM - White Horse Tavern 7PM - Spotted Pig 8PM - The Otherroom 9PM - Automatic Slims


    If the west village isn't your forte, consider planning a "Beerfest" afternoon modeled after the movie.  The participants all dressed up as countries for a drinking competition. The day (last Saturday) consisted of a screening of the film followed by hours and hours at Pat O'Brians on 88th and 2nd for Beruit, flip cup, quarters, and chugging contests (of course!)  Followed by a stop at Heidelberg to drink "das boot" a 2 litre glass boot filled with beer before crashing and burning at Dorrians,