Photo Of The Day: Taylor Momsen "The Pterodactyl Takes Flight!"

by Rachelle Hruska · February 24, 2009

    Gossip Girl's Little Sister Jenny is real life Taylor Momsen, and she most recently has been working out with Teen Vogue (you know because she's such an epitome of what a healthy 15-yr-old looks like).  We noticed a couple of things, mainly that she looks like she is ready for the "Trash" party at Webster Hall with that eye makeup of hers, and second that she loves dipping animal crackers in water (WTF?)  Alas, Taylor is really really busy, she's in the process of even starting her own band that "will suprise most people."  Click below to see more of the interview as well as a sneak video of Taylor describing her band. What were YOU doing at 15?

    What do you wear to the gym?

    My thing about going to the gym is that I leave my bracelets on, and I put on my makeup the way I would do it in real life, and I wear cute clothes, because if I don't feel good when I leave the house, then I'm not motivated to do it. I need to like how I look while I'm doing it.