Mary Rambin Meets Cocktail James At Party, Becomes "Instant Friend"

by Rachelle Hruska · January 22, 2009

    Remember this little cat fight that Mary Rambin over at NonSociety and a boy named James got into over what drinks he ordered at the Eldridge? (NEWSFLASH: it's a hell of a lot more interesting than reading Gawker's obsession with her and her Blueprint cleanse bullshit).  Anyway, you may remember Mary's advice to James:

    "Stick to “rocks” or “neat” boys.  It might also lend credibility to the fact you have balls."

    Well guess what?  Rambin ran into THE ELDRIDGE drinking James Del at Tuesday night's inauguration party at the New Museum put on by the NYTimes.  They became instant friends!

    Click below to hear what Mary had to say about the encounter:

    "I am proud to report he was drinking a vodka tonic, but when I returned to see him later, he was nursing the same cocktail, and the ice had melted.  I think Scott just told him to hold it so he looked cool.  They weren’t serving anything in a martini glass, so James must have been confused.

    Look forward to pictures of me teaching James how to drink like a man (finally, I can put my football player shoulders to good use!)"

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