Slow News Days In Summer Lead Us To Act Like Children

by Rachelle Hruska · July 10, 2008

    kristian laliberte dancing[Photo via Gawker]

    This week has served as a great reminder to us all on what happens when there's slow news days (particularly common during the summer months). Stories about absolutely nothing infiltrate our computers, and we, trained to be on this continual search for the next big thing, get sucked into digesting them.  It's like highschool yes, but worse.  Because we SHOULD know better, right?

    Sadly, I'm not one to talk as I myself wrangled in some of the madness yesterday Though I defend myself on grounds that it was more of a sociology experiment, one with discouraging results I might add.  Our hamptons site may be full of "nothing interesting" as some insist, yet staring at a cool car or house of the day is 100 times better than this.