Once upon a time, iphones didn't exist. Remember when you were super cool because you had the pink Motorola Razr flip phone? That was a great time because we only used our phones to actually call people and send the spontaneous text message. Now we have to cope with the pressure of 'checking in', updating our Facebook status, posting a new Instagram, or replying to work emails at any hour of the day. The rise of the dominating power of social media and its infiltration into our daily lives has reached unprecedented levels.

When you skip a party, you get FOMO because you see pictures. You can emotionally cut yourself when you compare yourself to that friend-of-a-friend who you think is skinnier, blonder and more tan than you. Sometimes, you just need to log out of your accounts and put down your phone for a much needed social media vacation. If you don't know if you're in need of a social media intervention, here are 5 signs that reveal it's time for a break.