Can Diddy and Ashton Kutcher Lead To the Meteroic Rise Of Tinychat?

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 25, 2011

    Tinychat, a company that provides video chat rooms, just landed the support of investors like Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, and Ron Burkle. Here's the quickest way to a start-up boost.

    As the Observer smartly notes,

    "There seems to be a symbiotic relationship here. Celebrities are interested in dabbling in the tech space, since the fame game is increasingly playing out on the web."

    The leverage celeb endorsement can bring is no business card trick, but for a company known for its steep incline from its viral Facebook application, this truly separates the men from the boys--the start-ups that evolve into sustainable entities as opposed to those that crumble into aspirational  irrelevance or obsolescence.

    The celeb nob may increasingly be the new venture capital.

    I wonder if Rachel Sterne, New York's Chief Digital Officer,  will harness the star set in New York as way to encourage the burgeoning tech companies out there.