Department Of Time To Get A Life: Facebook Credits At Walmart

by Ross Kenneth Urken · October 26, 2010

    Facebook Gift CardsWe came across an article that reveals a sad truth about our society: people are willing to shell out cash to participate in time-wasters like Farmville. Check out how (but, God, why?) you an buy Facebook credits at big-box stores?

    These credits, currently available at Target and which can be used for purchases within the batshit universe of Farmville (just an assumption, as we've never actually played), will be offered at Walmart and Best Buy.

    A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable, that

    "As we approach the holiday gift-giving season, we're happy to expand the availability of Facebook Credits gift cards to Walmart and Best Buy. More than 200 games and applications accept Facebook Credits, giving people a fun, convenient and secure way to buy premium items, and making Credits gift cards a unique gift for the holidays."

    Our society has, alas, come to this--where our leisure-time vices adversely affect our gift-giving abilities. We cringe at the very thought.

    [Image via Mashable]