Guy Posts His Sister's Hook-Up List On Facebook, Further Proves That NOTHING Is Sacred Anymore.

by Cary Randolph Fuller · February 2, 2010

    What's the absolute worst thing that could have happened to you in high school? For many teenage girls, that nightmare would involve a secret diary. When Katie tattled on her brother's beer stash, Chris sought internet revenge.

    By posting her hook-up list and tagging all boys involved, he ensured that family dinners will be awkward for decades to come. For the full story read Chris's caption below the scanned image of Katie's journal page. Her snitching cost him three months of freedom (thanks to overly strict parental units). But parents and siblings alike know that sometimes the only people being punished when a child is grounded are his family - who wants a big brother hanging around the house, pissed off, all day long?

    To seek revenge Chris hacked Katie's diary and blasted her hook-up list on Facebook. Now this wasn't a list of past conquests but goals for the first annual quarter. Her deadline? April 2010. Good luck making those dreams come true, Katie. Next time you decide to write down your feelings, be smart about it. Create a private Tumblog!

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