HowAboutWe.Com, A Dating Site We Might All Actually Use

by Chiara Atik · February 17, 2010

    Ok, we can't stop talking about this new dating site, Instead of rating people on their (inevitably lame) dating profiles, you rate them based on their DATE ideas! It's the most fun thing ever.-



    First, they make you go through and rate a series of sample dates, so they get an idea of your taste.

    Examples include:

    How about we....get coffee and play scrabble at a cafe?

    (Our response: Sure!)


    How about roses and give them out to unsuspecting strangers?

    (Our Response: answers ranged from "wtf! no???" to "I think it's a good idea!!!...but I'm also from Nebraska...")

    Next comes the really fun part where you get to THINK UP DATE IDEAS!

    Do you realize how revolutionary this is? Instead of having to screen people based on their attractiveness, station in life, availability, background, education, and personality, you can just weed through all the losers and find the one person in New York City who would willingly get ring-dings and ride a tandem bike around Little Italy, if that's what floats your boat!

    Here are our date suggestions:

    Rachelle: How About We...Get drunk And Go On Chat Roulette?

    Cameron: How About We...Get Popcorn With Extra Salt, Nachos, Large Coke, Sour Patch Kids...And Watch Dumb And Dumber?

    Chiara: How About We...Get Sloppy Fries At Schnippers And Go Look For Ghosts At Merchant House?

    Sarah Mandato: How About We...Get Bloody Marys And Oysters And Gallery Hop?

    Billy: How About We...Go To The Russian Baths? ("Because A Russian beating me with a stick is more embarrassing than any bad date could be...")

    Sarah Kunst: How About We...Go On A Bar Crawl, And End Up At A Diner At 5 A.M.?

    I mean...there's someone out there for everyone, right?? We're all going to find love!