Jordan Reid Is Here To Save Julia Allison, But What About Herself?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 16, 2009

    Jordan ReidA snow-white jean clad Knight has come to the rescue of fameball Julia Allison's faltering lifecast site nonsociety, in a move that will most likely sacrifice a Harvard education (let alone personal dignity) to bolster the site's waning relevance.  Enter Jordan Reid, the selfless woman willing to rush into a burning building with dynamite strapped to her chest in order to (attempt) to pull the big-chested Miss Allison out. Enter more sinking ship metaphors, plugging leaks in a submarine, etc....

    Reblogging nonsociety broke the news, Mediaite's Rachel Sklar did the full-disclosure rim job puff piece, and Valley Wag did the snark-job.  So what road lays ahead for Miss Reid?  Well ridicule for sure, micro-fame possibly, and money!  "We are making money and it's legit" says Allison.  We should of course take every word at face value, including nonsociety's tagline:

    NonSociety is a direct portal connecting experts in select niches to their audiences, allowing the viewer to get their unique perspective and understand the person behind the media.

    So what exactly is Reid an expert at?  Certainly not fashion, the void that was filled (arguably with some competence) by her predecessor Mary Rambin.  For goodness sakes, Reid recently wore white after Labor Day.  Oh no she didn't? Oh yes she did!

    "Moments before my first foray into Fashion Week (the Charlotte Ronson show), I poured an entire container of bronzer onto my snow-white jeans"

    And Reid is certainly not an expert in acting.  Being on one episode of the Law & Order simply means you have a SAG card and are in good standing.  But more to the point.  If Allison is trying to make a platform of "experts", but brings in a DIYer whose primary purpose is to add a "servicey, down-to-earth ingredient that the site has been missing" what exactly is her convoluted message?  A presumption that simply being on the lifecast alone will make you an expert and that viewers will want to connect?  Wow, who would have thought it was that easy?!  Famous for being famous, it's what is so fucked with the world right now.