May 31st Is The Official "Quit Facebook Day"

by Chiara Atik · May 17, 2010

    Well, Facebook, it's been a good six years, but a couple thousand loyal users have had enough. They've named May 31st as the official day to delete their accounts and quit Facebook for good--not that Facebook will let them go easily.-

    The group (actually, I think it's technically a "Page", because "Facebook Groups", as we knew them in 2005, don't really exist anymore...) has around 1,500 members, which isn't that impressive seeing as, for instance,  "I Flip My Pillow Over TO Get To The Cold Side" has 980,363 members.

    It may be small, but the members of Quit Facebook Day are vociferous in their disapproval for the social media platform. Reading their angry wallposts, it's hard not to get swept up in the witch-hunt...

    Damnit, Facebook! Stop forcing food on us! We're NOT HUNGRY!

    Yeah! Pet rocks SUCK!

    Why don't you have spellcheck, Facebook?? HUH??!



    The truth of the matter is, Facebook HAS gotten progressively lamer now that everyone and their Mom is on it. In our humble opinion, Facebook started going downhill once they let HIGH SCHOOLERS join in 2006. It would be nice to free ourselves of the dependency we all have on Facebook. Most of us probably don't write on each other's walls as often as we used to, nor do we obsessively add photos of our nights out the way we did a couple years ago. Aside from the occasional rousing evening of stalking people we went to High School with, we're using the good book less and less.

    But there's one small problem, one reason we can't get ourselves to delete our accounts.

    People who don't have Facebook profiles are weird. The immediate first thought is "Why don't they have Facebook? What's WRONG with them?". Even if they aren't social pariahs, we assume they may be. So, though we may strip our Facebook profiles of any personal information, and bump up our Privacy settings to the max, we still keep a page with our basic info and friends count. Just so people know we're. You know. Normal people.

    So don't worry Facebook. We just can't quit you.