Who would have guessed that kicking Donald Trump off Twitter would lead to such Cold War-era conspiracies? But alas, it seems the 1950s are back. 

With all the hubbub surrounding "free speech" this week, Parler, the social media platform preferred by the right-wing set, has found its way back into the news, especially since it's been removed from app stores and kicked off Amazon's web-hosting service in recent days.

Founded in 2018 by mysterious libertarian tech wiz, John Matze, the alternative platform has courted Trump-supporters and high-profile conservatives including Candace Owens and Rudy Giuliani. While there's not much known about Matze's personal life, his marital status seems to have sparked some interest. Why? Because he's married to some Russian chick named Alina Mukhutdinova and people really think she's some sort of Soviet-esque operative. Hey, we didn't make this stuff up, but you can bet we're gonna dive in!

[Photos via Instagram]