Social media has given us the power to know what our friends (or the random people we follow) are doing every moment of their day, in real time. It has also made big stalkers out of everyone with an internet connection and some minutes to spare.

Admit it. How many times have you caught yourself, late at night, deep into people’s Instagram account criticizing their body, feeling jealous about their vacations, or simply hating on the curated collection of moments they decided to share with their followers and non-followers alike (I mean, if the accounts are public they’re basically asking for it right?).

You stalk, you cringe, you hate and you repeat. You start to stalk people as obsessively as you would stalk your ex to the point where you’re so invested in their lives you start talking about them as if they were part of your social circle. The behavior becomes compulsive; you feel the need to check this person’s feed on a daily basis only to hate some more. After a few weeks you find yourself wondering: If this person’s so awful, why can’t I look away?

[Photos via Unsplash]