TechCrunch, Meet Boom Boom Room: The Hip Nerds Have Officially Arrived

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 31, 2011

    A little gem about a TechCrunch meetup this Wednesday in the Boom Boom Room pretty much confirms what we've been noting of late: being a nerd is really cool these days!

    As Rachelle noted a week and a half ago, the hottest clubs were just a few years ago at odds with social media; the voyeurism social networks and blogs allowed within hotspots severely adulterated the exclusivity factor within spaces. Digital cameras provided a gaze that ruined the privacy and the mystique generated therefrom, according to Bungalow 8's Amy Sacco and The Box's Simon Hammerstein.

    Amy Sacco's Bungalow 8] [Simon Hammerstein's The Box]

    That was until clubs harnessed the supreme marketing potential within social networking with invitations and active online presence. After spending years trying to maintain Google hygiene (read: erasing a digital presence) there is an increasing marriage of the tech sphere and the nightlife circuit. Case in point:

    The Standard's Tumblr

    Ace Hotel's Twitter

    Bowery Hotel Twitter

    Terry Richardson's Tumblr

    Le Bain's Facebook page

    Purple Fashion Magazine's Tumblr

    This movement of course comes in tandem with the fact that the tech guys--out with the gawky, nerdy and in with the charismatic--have become cool. As we noted recently when we caught foursquare founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai in Italian Vogue, the social media guys have officially become the It-guys (if the barometer of cool comes with the social leverage the neuter pronoun provides). They certainly party the hardest, as we saw from the 36 Cooper holiday throw-down.

    All that said, cue Joshua Niamehr, who has scheduled a TechCrunch meetup at the Boom Boom Room for this Wednesday.

    According to his Twitter bio, he's into the entrepreneurial tech space with a multifarious approach  : "Loose Diamonds, Laundry Pick Up and Delivery, Launching an Online Grocery Store, Develop Websites and Software in Python & Django, and live to Startup Biz."

    If you didn't catch that, the CUNY Queens College grad founded a site called (jewelry) and another called (clean clothes) in addition to serving as the COO (groceries) and CEO of Online Holdings Corporation.

    Given that a quick Facebook search revealed he's friends with Dabney Mercer (socialite Tinsley Mortimer's sister), we're going to assume he's well-connected and monied enough to rent out Boom Boom Room, a place he probably can't get into come night fall.

    This event smacks of the increasing convergence of the tech sphere with the hip nightlife spots, even if a cash exchange brings about that social cachet.

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