The 10 Best Celebrity MyIdols Putting This Viral App On The Map

Have your social media news feeds recently been flooded with peculiar videos of avatar versions of your friends, all for some reason pole dancing to either "SexyBack" or "Throw Sum Mo?" You can blame MyIdol for that, the mysterious app developed by Huanshi Ltd. that now ranks third on the iTunes Top Free Apps chart, putting it ahead of heavy hitters like Instagram, Snapchat, and Spotify. It comes as even more of a surprise because the entire app is in Chinese! Even the description on iTunes simply says "Dear users, stay tuned. English version is coming soon." This, however, clearly hasn't stopped anyone from experimenting with the app to great-and hilarious-success. Users upload a selfie, which is then transformed into an avatar which they can clothe and then make do things like the aforementioned pole dancing or singing Frozen's "Let It Go" (a fab version of Morgan Freeman belting out the tune, dressed in a panda costume, already exists). Click through for some of our celebrity favorites!