The Curbed, Foursquare, Hard Candy Shell, Brew Media Crews Host Holiday Party In The Cooper Square Hotel's Penthouse

by guestofaguest · December 16, 2009

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    Last night, the Cooper Square Hotel Penthouse was the site of the joint holiday party of its friendly neighbors: Curbed, Hard Candy Shell, Foursquare, (who all share an office at 36 Cooper Square) and Brew Media Relations. Let's take a look at the folks that made it out to toast the techies that took over the Village Voice building shall we? 

    Kevin Kearney, Lockhart Steele, Brooke Hammerling, Dennis Crowley, Naveen Selvadurai The party hosts! Hard Candy Shell's Kevin Kearney, Curbed's Lockhart Steele, Brew's Brooke Hammerling, and Foursquare co-founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai.

    [The 2009 NYC Social Media Yearbook]

    Other party goers can be found in photos below, as well as VC extraordinaire Fred Wilson, Gawker's Nick Denton, Ben Leventhal, and Spark Capital's Mo Koyfman.

    Andrew Zipern, Sam Huleatt, Dan Maccarone, Peter Feld Rocketfuel's Andrew Zipern,'s Sam Huleatt, with Hard Candy Shell's Dan Maccarone and Peter Feld.

    Brooke Hammerling, Nick Carlson, Farb Nivi, Dena Cook Brooke Hammerling, Alley Insider's Nick Carlson, Grockit founder Farb Nivi, and Brew's Dena Cook.

    Zach Klein, Joanne Wilson, Lockhart Steele Boxee's Zach Klein with Joanne Wilson and Curbed's Lockhart Steele.

    Naveen Selvadurai, Erin Pettigrew Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai with Gawker ad sales Erin Pettigrew.

    Doug Kirk, Kevin Kearney MTV's Doug Kirk with Hard Candy Shell co-founder Kevin Kearney.

    Chris Kaiserlian, Camille Fournier, Harry Heymann Google's Chris Kaiserlian, Wall Streeter Camille Fournier, and Foursquare's Harry Heymann.

    Izzy Grinspan, Leslie Price, Noa Taffet Racked NY editor Izzy Grinspan with's (and former Racked editor) Leslie Price, and longtime Racked contributor Noa Taffet.

    Will Leitch, Alexa Stevenson New York Mag's Will Leitch and his dashing fiancee, Alexa Stevenson.

    Meredith Katz, Gaby Darbyshire, Jay Reidel Gawker's Meredith Katz with Gawker's Gaby Darbyshire and Jay Reidel.

    Josh Albertson, Roz Curbed general manager Josh Albertson with his wife, Roz.

    Leslie Price, Kelly Dobkin, Lindsey Green Lucky's Leslie Price, Eater's Kelly Dobkin, and fashion industry persona Lindsey Green.

    The Brew PR team, with Brooke Hammerling at center.

    Michelle Curb, Monica Padrick Curbed's Michelle Curb with Monica Padrick.

    The women of Brew PR.

    Scott Solish, Amanda Kludt Eater Nightlife editor Scott Solish and Eater editor Amanda Kludt

    Eliot Shepard Curbed technology genius Eliot Shepard.

    More photos, like this one of Peter Feld and Naveen Selvadurai with the ladies can be found on Random Night Out HERE.