The Official GofG Internet Week Scavenger Hunt

by Chiara Atik · June 7, 2010

    Ahhh, Internet Week is upon us once again. For the uninitiated, IW is a week for, by, and about the internet industry in New York. All this self-reverential "we're a part of the internet family" bonding is getting out of hand, we think, so time to introduce some competition into the mix: The Internet Week Scavenger Hunt. -


    Sure, we're all working in the same industry, but let's not forget that every day we're competing for page views, notoriety, recognition, and attention.

    What's true about Internet Week is also true about this Scavenger Hunt: It isn't about feeling good, it's about winning.

    May the best man/start-up/blog win.

    The Internet Week Scavenger Hunt

    Snap a picture of Nick McGlynn taking a picture of himself with two or more cute girls: 10 points.

    Attend an event that unlocks the "Super Swarm Badge" on Foursquare: 5 points

    Ask if you can borrow someone's iPad: 5 points.

    Actually win the Limo transportation to the Webutante Ball... 100 points.

    ...or just crash with the people who did. 50 points.

    Pet Julia Allison's Dog: 15 points.

    Research "oozing discharge" on WebMd using one of the enormous iPod Touches at the HQ Expo at Metropolitan Pavillion 30 Points.

    Sabotage someone's picture ID badge at check-in. 15 points.

    Tell someone that "whatever happens at Internet Week STAYS at Internet Week", without a drop of irony. 10 points.

    Ask Nick Denton for an autograph.  35 points.

    Show up to the Hot and Bothered breakfast. Act surprised that it's not about Menopause. Leave in a huff. 20 points.

    Say, "Let me consult my internet week iPhone App", without a drop of irony. 10 points.

    Carry around a messenger bag, and collect EVERY SINGLE PROMOTIONAL ITEM. 25 points.

    Show off EVERY SINGLE PROMOTIONAL ITEM to anyone you meet. 40 points.

    Walk the Step And Repeat at Obliterati. 15 points.

    Walk the Step And Repeat at Obliterati TWICE. 40 points.

    Stand still on the Step And Repeat at Obliterati until someone asks you to move. 50 points.

    Crash the Webby Awards without paying the ridiculous $500 ticket price. 100 points.