This week, celebrity wrangling agency Cogent World launched a book that basically collated all of our favorite style bloggers and influencers in one bind. The book title, Under The Influence is a clever play on words that perfectly sums up the world we live in – literally under the influence of those commandeering the digital space in new, non-traditional ways. You don’t even need a million followers.

To celebrate the book launch at local hot spot While We Were Young, Cogent enlisted sister bloggers Charlotte and Sophie Bickley of Yin 2 My Yang to host an intimate dinner of their closest and most influential friends, all based here in New York City. We were curious: what does it mean to be an influencer in New York? What does the term influencer even mean these days? We chatted with the creators of the book (the experts), as well as a handful of these style mavens we all love to stalk on Instagram to get a sense of how they’re using their platform and leveraging their "influence" especially in this big city.

[Photo courtesy Cogent]