An Office Full Of Incompetent Interns - Now That Truly Is Kell On Earth

by Cary Randolph Fuller · February 9, 2010

    Of all the "tragedies" that befall Kelly Cutrone's SoHo office during last September's Fashion Week, the intern implosion, as witnessed last night, was perhaps the least explicable. Isn't "screw up" part of an intern's job description?

    Maybe not at GofG, where our interns are all fantastic, but part of the joy of working for school credit is the constant trial and error. And if you have too many errors, you can just blame it on your supervisor, who is actually receiving a paycheck and is therefore accountable. Last night on Kell On Earth, Kelly left her troop of minions with a major responsibility: label and address editors' swag bags for the Genetic Denim presentation. Of course they failed miserably, foregoing the requisite tissue bag garnish and writing with sloppy penmanship, only to stare open-mouthed when Cutrone berated them. What's an intern to do? Blame Vorhees!

    Rumor has it she's fired in the next episode, but last night Stephanie Vorhees was everyone's favorite scapegoat. Can't figure out how to check people off an RSVP list? Blame Stephanie. Printer crashed? Blame Stephanie. Interns didn't sign over their off hours to work at the shows? Blame Stephanie. By the end of the second episode we cringed as each crisis was foisted on her shoulders. True, the girl is not a Cutrone-in-the-making, but she also gets pushed around a lot. Hopefully her next venture will be a little more successful.

    Aside from the Stephanie subplot this episode was all over the map:

    Cutrone lost a client due to her poor guest list management, for which Stefanie Skinner received most of the blame.

    Andrew Mukamal wore a one-shoulder shirt to the office. (See below for proof!)

    Ava got dressed for school after popping up backstage at Chado Ralph Rucci.

    Skinner and the Other Andrew snuck out of the office and into a random salon where Andrew touched up Skinner's admittedly terrible roots. Just another day at the office!

    As for the medical crisis at Ali Fatourechi's presentation, we were amazed that throughout the last Fashion Week we didn't hear a peep about any collapsing models. Which is exactly how it should have been! Kudos to Kelly for turning a small disaster into a perfect example of why People's Revolution is at the top of the PR game. Still one can't help but feel bad for the "model down" (shown taking oxygen, at left) who passed out for any number of reasons but was ultimately blamed for ruining Cutrone's "Swarovski crystal curtain."

    Stefanie Skinner gets her hair did by the Other Andrew between office debacles.

    Everyone's favorite Andrew Mukamal in, yes, a one-shoulder shirt at the office. Casual Friday!

    People's Revolution office. No wonder Vorhees couldn't find the stamps.