Take Matters Into Your Own Hands For A Smooth Night At The Opera

by Sun Kersor · December 15, 2010

    Ever have the urge to tie up your ascot or fluff your gown for a sophisticated night at the opera? Oh, how you might sip Veuve and savor some caviar? "How About We" has a great guide on how not to screw up.

    Chiara Atik, our erstwhile managing editor, tells her readers to stick with La  Boheme, Carmen, or La Traviata for starters. It seems the recognizability, sexiness factor, and powerful death scene, respectively, will really get those endorphins flowing.

    Though your instinct may be to amp up the formality of your attire, Chiara warns against such stuffiness; she thinks a suit for a dude  and a cocktail dress for a gal would suffice

    She suggests doing a bit of homework beforehand, even on Youtube, to make the opera more accessible and, as such, more enjoyable.You can even impress your date with amateur knowledge.

    Other bonuses: lots of intermissions to score drinks (increasing the crunk factor of your night on the town) and the fact that booing is not taboo but perfectly acceptable for opera snobs.

    So go on: let the fat lady sing...