SXSW Comes To A Close, But Not Before A Mariachi Band Plays

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 22, 2010

    While you were glued to C-SPAN waiting to see if you were finally going to get some health care (full disclosure: so were we), SXSW ENDED. This means we missed the hipters' last hurrah at the SXSW Closing Party. But don't worry. We've got the pictures, AND we've got our health care.-

    Even if the end of the festivities solidifies the fact you didn't get to go, don't be sad.  Not only is there "always next year," just think about how bad the people flying out of Austin today are feeling. Their hiatuses from work are over, they've got overdue bills, thirsty plants, and mothers who want to know how they spent every second of their time . So of course the people below look like they're having a blast -- they are! But we guarantee you they all started to feel the "ugh, I'm going to have to break up with my girlfriend when I get home" twinge right after the photographer's flash went off. And health care doesn't cover that pain! (Sorry.)

    Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning At SXSW

    Ashton Kutcher Approves Foursquare At SXSW

    "Best $2k I Ever Spent" At SXSW

    Gossip At SXSW

    [Photos by Nick McGlynn for RandomNightOut]