The ABC Social Media Cleanse

You may have noticed our colorful new ads on the site for “Selfie.” The show is all about a social media-obsessed girl named Eliza who needs to learn how to take a break from her phone and start living in the real world. Working at Guest of a Guest seems to have given us an excuse to be glued to our smartphones.  We often wonder who is going to have enough gumption to be the first to start and market the new support group meeting phenomenon for smart phone addicts like us – AA style. Step one in our journey to recovery: admitting there’s a problem.

Inspired by the show, we have decided to take part in the “Selfie Social Media Cleanse” and we've invited some of our favorite friends in our feed to join me. Today, (for one day only, thankfully), we – along with  Peter Davis, Erin Fetherston, AndrewAndrew, Timo Weiland and Lo Bosworth - will go dark across all of our social media accounts and, more importantly, refrain from lurking around to check in on what everyone else is up to.

Should you feel inspired, you can join us today and take the day off too! Because, #YOLO! It will most likely be the worst case of FOMO this year, but at least we will all be in it together.

There’s even a hashtag so that your friends won’t worry about you: #SelfieSocialCleanse.

Click through our slideshow for more info on our friends taking part in this cleanse.