D.C. Residents Break No Rules, Commit No Crimes

by NIKKI BOGOPOLSKAYA · August 18, 2010

    Well doesn't this sound like our dream job?  (Psych!).  Erin Mathieson, investigator for the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board sat down with our fave quality publication, the Washington Post, to discuss how summertime in D.C. is keeping her and her board busy.  Throughout the article, Mathieson investigates Crucible, a SE S&M club(who knew S&M clubs weren't allowed to serve booze?  Wouldn't a beer or two ease the tension and pain?  We kid...), a NW Safeway, a Dupont liquor store, Sabor Latino and Fly Lounge to find....absolutely nothing.

    It turns out that we in the District are so well behaved that we are not serving alcohol without licenses to do so, to minors, or in any illegal matter at all.  Which leads us to ask, as usual, why, WashPo?  District residents not breaking any rules whatsoever isn't exactly a news piece; it's more like a simple and rather mundane observation.

    Give us the drama!  Sixteen year olds with faux identification, underground speakeasies, S&M clubs that legally allow patrons to take a shot of liquor before getting down and dirty: where art thou?

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