Do You Have An In With The Bouncer At Georgetown Cupcake?

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 12, 2010

    Word got out yesterday that Georgetown Cupcake had a bouncer outside their doors, à la Josephine. Also rumored was a neighbor of the cupcakery boasting a banner in support of rival neighborhood cupcake shop, Baked and Wired. We trekked through the hot and sticky heat to see what all of this commotion was about, and found... nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing except for the ridiculous line down the hill leading to Georgetown Cupcake.

    Whoever spotted a 'bouncer' at the Georgetown shop must not realize that the guy or gal manning the door isn't carding those in line, they're just there to open the door, hand out menus, and make sure everyone is lined up in an orderly fashion. They don't get the pleasure of confiscating fake IDs, or breaking up drunken fights over whose bottle poppin' table is whose, like true bouncers do.

    With no bouncer in sight, we went off to search for the supposed banner of our fellow Baked and Wired fan. Up and down the hilly streets we went until there truly was no banner in sight, our calves wanted to give up on us, and the sweating became unbearable. Even though we couldn't find this supposed banner, evidence proves it was there at some point in time. evidence:

    Kudos to those true B&W fans, we're proud of YOU for sticking it to the man. If our tiny apartment balcony didn't overlook a parking garage, we too would hang a banner declaring our undying love for Baked and Wired for the world to see.

    Passing Georgetown Cupcake on our way home from our failed journey, we once again scoffed at those waiting in line in the wretched heat, murmured under our breath just how boring the DC Cupcakes show is, and headed off to B&W where the only bouncer needed there is the one to stop you from eating 532 cupcakes in one sitting.