Missed Connections On The D.C. Metro

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 11, 2010

    Although we recently told you NOT to ride the metro, we can't help but want to bring those who do take public transportation together. As a service to the city and in an effort to bring some joy to all you hopeful romantics, we reluctantly browsed through all the missed connections of the DC Metro in our second attempt to help mankind find their long lost crushes/loves or people they just want to bang.

    No matter what the case is, hopefully our hardwork will bring lovers of the city together! Check it out:

    1. M4W - To drunk girl running up Ballston Metro escalator: Just wanted to say you looked really cute..that is until your failed attempt to travel up the escalator. It sucks falling down the stairs, but REALLY sucks falling up them...

    2. M4W - We were squished sardines on the orange line but you looked hot regardless: We got on at Farruget West (barely) heading towards Vienna, and the train was packed the entire time. Despite stupid people saying "scoot over", "coming through", "holy gee willackers people, move in, there are yada yada yada.." you were cool the entire time. We never spoke but I want to ride the train with you again! :)

    3. M4M - To Pentagon City-er: we definitely were staring at each other. you were with your friends, looked like you just left the nationals game. let me know if you want to hang out.

    4. W4M - To the brown-eyed (and shirt) boy: You were the cute guy with the headphones in and brown shirt (I think brown shirt!) sitting in the back corner of the metro car. I was the girl who came sprinting on last minute white tank top/blue shorts/backpack. I got off at L'Enfant and made that silly smile at you and I was very tempted to come over but I was also very late for a kickball game. Maybe I'll see you on the yellow line again some day? Or sooner :)

    5.M4W - To the metro riding marine girl: I sat next to you on the orange line which was Rosslyn bound. You were next to the window, seemed very involved with your "metro work", and got off at Foggy Bottom. You are very pretty girl and look great in your garrison cap. Want to grab a drink sometime?

    And at the other kind of Subway, a desperate female found her long-lost love while ordering her sandwich: You had the prettiest eyes. You were about 6 ft tall. I can't remember what color shirt you had on. I remember you were wearing tan slacks. I could even be wrong about the color slacks because i just kept starring at your face. I would love to get to know you better and take things slow if that's ok with you. Please respond with a pic if you have one so i know it's you. Please also tell me a bit about you. Don't hesitate to ask questions.