Paper Magazine's 25th Anniversary Kicks Off The Fall Party Season

by Chiara Atik · September 9, 2009

    [All photos by PATRICK McMULLAN and DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc, and Nicky Digital].

    Last night, Paper Magazine's 25th Anniversary at the New York Public Library set the bar incredibly high for all ensuing parties this week. Everyone was there. No, really: EVERYONE. Was there. Kanye West? Check. Liza Minelli, Queen Latifah, and Betsey Johnson? Check, check and check. Even Hansen was there, and they haven't made it out to a party since, like, 1997. More story below.Other luminaries who you'll find in the pictures above include Lorenzo Martone, Charlotte Ronson, Mark Ronson (who DJ'd), Fern Mallis, Patricia Field, Amber Rose, Genevieve Jones, Anna Sui, Cynthia Rowley, Catherine Malandrino, Mischa Barton, Lydia Hearst, and representing GofG was one Rachelle J Hruska.