Julia Allison Is Carrie Bradshaw In Song and Blog!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · November 11, 2008

    We've long been drawing comparisons between the imaginary Carrie Bradshaw and the real-life fameball Julia Allison.  Afterall, there are so many similarities and Julia is no doubt the modern day iteration of the dating columnist portrayed on Sex and the City.  That's why I was tickled pink to hear the theme song of Julia's online video installments on her newest website TMI.

    Now I, Stanley Stuyvesant, do have floppy ears, but I'm not completely tone def.  Is TMI's theme song not very similiar to Sex and the City's theme song?  Maybe its the existence of the Marimba in both (or is it a xylophone?), or the similiar syncopations?  Anyway, listen below and you be the judge!

    TMI Weekly Theme Song


    Sex and the City Theme Song



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