B-Lister Jon B, Set To Rise Like A Phoenix From The Ashes?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 5, 2009

    Jon B, Todd English [Todd English and Jon B. Restaurants are the new nightclubs?]

    The closing of Home and GuestHouse last week looked to be the coup de grâce for club alley on 27th street that has over the past 3 years devolved into a Coney Island of NYC Nightlife.  Bungalow 8, Marquee, and Cain defined the best of the best four years ago, but the spot jumped the shark when famed B-list promoter Jon B appeared on the scene, milking the proverbial teet of a low watt crowd for all of their worth.

    B then moved onto "greener" pastures, opening GreenHouse, touted as the first "green" club.  But Jon has another ace up his sleeve, this time in the form a restaurant project with chef Todd English.  A tipster writes:

    Jon B - owns space  in the old club Aria, which then became club Opera, he will be teaming up with Todd English to do a restaurant.

    There you have it.  So where exactly is this old Opera House?  We will be updating you shortly with the address.


    The address of the space is 539 W 21st St.

    I just spoke with nightlife King Steve Lewis, who verified the rumor, saying he wishes the best for them both and will keep us all posted on any latest news on the project he's involved with in the old Plumm space.