Will Richie Akiva And Scott Sartiano Revive The Old Plumm Space?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 4, 2009

    Axl Rose, Tommy HilfigerAfter recently getting community board approval to open up a restaurant and downstairs club/lounge in the old Plumm space, Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano are set to open up what might be the next NYC hotspot at 246 West 14th Street.  Think Butter, their previous dinning clubbing combo designed by Steve Lewis that cornered Monday nights.

    This new spot could very well be an interesting new chapter for this storied space.  Steve Lewis wrote that he likes to refer to the space fondly as Nell's, the knockout spot that preceded Plumm.  But many may remember it more as the place where Axl Rose tried to knockout Tommy Hilfiger.  What started as a slap fight, resulted in a Hilfiger karate chop, and a very memorable NY Post cover. 

    In any event, suprise suprise, uncle Stevie is going to be designing this new space as well, and we called him to get some details:

    "The Design is about 80% done.   This place is going to rock, and will be very cutting edge.  I can't give anymore details right now, LA PR firm will not be happy with me.  Suffice it to say Richie and Scott run a very solid operation, have a huge track record of success, so expect big things soon."

    That is all for now, we will keep you updated on the progress.