Guest Of A Guest's Top Ten Posts Of 2009!

by SARAH MANDATO · January 4, 2010

    2009 was, undeniably, quite a year. NYC is always reinventing itself, as neighborhoods transform and trends emerge faster than a New York minute. We do our best to bring you all the people, places and parties; and we love seeing what you care about, most. Last year, your message was loud and clear: it's all about the smut, baby...

    Well, not entirely, but our 2009 Top Ten includes some underage action, three (wow) incidents of assault, Jersey's best, adulterous affairs and a five finger discount that took the social circle by storm before launching a domino effect of scandal (movie cameras and porn stars in tow...).

    To temper what clearly appears a penchant for guilty pleasure, you also loved your information flow (who's Tweeting), kept on the man hunt (let's be honest it's non-stop until it stops...), new spot scoping, neighborhood comebacks and a good old party or two. Enough tease, here are your favorite posts from '09. Here's to 2010 outdoing one for the books:

    10) NYC Prep's Camille No Longer Jailbait

    The somewhat unconventional choice of a girl having female strippers at her birthday party only added to this eccentric teenager and reality star's entree into adulthood. The play-by-play NYC Prep made the smarty pants highschooler someone we all kept an eye on, like a short skirt on a tour of Harvard.



    9) Land Yourself A Harvard Man

    Speaking of the Crimson, the Ivy League is no doubt a pool of strong bloodlines, which make for ideal husbands! With the addition of new GofG Team Member and former HU swimmer Billy Gray, we were thrilled to have him dish (our word, obvi, not his) on where the single Harvard guys hang out in NYC. While it's not everyday you'll hit up a dive, apparently you'll do what's necessary to get the job done. Take another look, and relive the "yum" all over again...

    8) Meet Our Good Friend, The Jane Hotel

    Rachelle has an eye for certain things: bike paths and "Jersey Shore" plot lines rank high on the list, as does the next big thing. She said the Jane Hotel had "it" written all over the romantic interior the minute she walked through the doors. Call it coincidence, but a week later there was a line around the block to enter the former dark, out-of-the-way den. That was just the start of the wave. The Meatpacking had a huge comeback this year, and you were all over it.

    7) The Twitter Guide To NYC Socials

    We applaud you for taking advantage of the information frenzy. There are do's and don'ts for Twitter, Facebook, etc.. We think it best to take it all in and then judge, and so did you.

    6) The Purse Snatching Heard Across The Lower East Side

    When NYC social gay Paul Johnson Calderon, likely fueled by many a cocktail and that late night adrenaline, snatched a purse from the Eldridge, shock spread from the downtown bar to the uptown penthouses. Somewhat a scandal magnet, little did any of us know that would be just the beginning. Culminating in a "misstep" with a porn star (the worst kind of misstep, oui?), 2009 brought out the bad boy in PJC. With a reality show due out any minute, you're evidently just as interested as we are to see where his five fingers end up, next.



    5) Madame Uchitel, Back When She (Wo)Manned The Velvet Rope

    Oh, Tiger. Who knew that under those crisp collars and clean pleat pants was one big playboy. Well, Rachel Uchitel did. You enjoyed reading about her when she told you what not to say to try and jump the velvet rope, and that love affair (he he) has only grown. This girl has the shamed golfer by the balls at the bank, and she's never looking back. Once she moved on, you've loved seeing the latest from the now nowhere-to-be-seen adulterer, a news rush which has yet to relent...


    4, 3 1/2 & 2 1/2 [just go with it])

    Are you secretly hiding Sopranos DVDs in the liquor cabinet? Quite possibly. The entire middle of this list reflects your New Jersey/Guido affinity, from some rough and tumble to an old fave ethnography, if you will. Curiosity? Fascination? Desire for a blowout how-to? We have no clue, but if you like it, we'll keep bringing it:

    [James Gandolfini Opens A Can Of Whoopass On One Of Our Photographers]

    [Someone Who Sucks At Life Socks Snooki], a clip later cut from an episode of the Jersey Shore

    [Everything You Need To Know About Guidos] Long before we would ever know "The Situation" and his crew of Shore combers, we broke down the "guido." Now two years old, this oldie but goodie post is one you visit again and again (and again).

    2) Keifer Sutherland's Headbutt At SubMercer

    Possibly also inspired by his television persona (a la Mr. Gandolfini), we'll never get over Keifer Sutherland's headbutting Jack McCollough at SubMercer after the Met Ball. After breaking the story, we just kept thinking, "seriously, dude?" You may have thought we were on crazy pills. We were not, but we can't say the same for the 24 star.

    And finally:

    1) The Cornell Email Scandal, with all its "savory juices"

    Oh how we agonized over this. After blotting out the faces of the offspring of those that committed possibly the most fantastically stupid email misshap of all time, the struggle was great: could we actually post this incredibly profound embarrassment? After publishing and un-publishing once or twice, some heated phone calls and in office arguments; SURE! We never looked back, and neither did you.

    There you have it: we're not surprised that you spice up work with a little dirty, dir-tay, plus many close contenders illustrate that you like a great party, since our Yacht Rock Bash, the Whitney Studio Party and the Battle of the Brunches nearly made the list.

    Also right about there? From the "About" page, our feature in the New York Times and also our Newsletter Registration. Thank you for the support - we are so grateful - as long as you're reading, we'll keep after it. Truth be told, we can't get enough of this! A "job" it certainly is not...