The Top 10 Hottest New York City Bachelors That Page Six Left Off Their List

by KENDRA SEAY · February 9, 2009

    Page Six recently put together their picks for the top 50 Hottest New York City Bachelors, and while we agreed with some of their choices, there were those who were in fact, not bachelors, and others who left us scratching our heads (also there wasn't a single gay man on the list!) We thought of a few they left out who would make excellent dates this Valentine's Day and who belong on the list of Top Hottest Bachelors In New York City.

    Paul Johnson-Calderon

    This social scenester aka "The King of Bow Ties" gets our list started for his classic style that has yet to falter and because who wouldn't want to replace Jules Kirby as this fashion stud's arm candy?

    [PJC GofaG Directory]

    Steve Lewis

    For our next bachelor, only the youthful dames need apply. Our favorite king of the nightlife and master of charm, Steve Lewis, likes them young because in case you didn't know, "you can buy them a gift for 300 bucks, and they think you're P. Diddy".

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    See our other picks for New York's Hottest Bachelor's below...-

    Nick Cohen

    Our favorite bare chested DJ and sneaker pimp makes the list for his multi-tasking capabilities. Being able to keep a party going with his DJ sets and designing fresh shoes while simultaneously winning every girl's heart with his good looks makes him a keeper

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    David Foote

    This talented artist strays to the left, the right, then back to the left again with his ever changing, flawless style and has been on the prowl for a gem who appreciates eye liner, head bands, tight flannels, and navajo belts as much as he does.  [All David Foote Posts]

    Jack Bryan

    If you match his taste in film including The Big Lebowski, Requiem for a Dream, Little Big Man, Rushmore, Straw Dogs, and Bad Santa in your list of favorite movies then screenwriter and “The Young and the Guest List” columnist, Jack Bryan is the dude for you.

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    Nevan Donahue

    Next up, is new reality TV show star and New York City bad boy Mr. Donahue. He might have a shady record with the NYPD but he certainly keeps good company with his bff Brad Leinhardt and cousin Olivia Palermo and scoring a date with this eye candy might just get you a cameo on The City.

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    Patrick & Liam McMullan

    And Everyone's favorite famed-photog Patrick McMullan makes the list next. And of course we can't include Patrick without including his son Liam. [All Liam Posts][All Patrick Posts]


    Scott Buccheit

    And last, but certainly not least, is our very own favorite (and newly single) bachelor Scott Bucheit. Scott is always at the hottest parties and events, often playing host.  If you are in the mood to hobnob with socialites and celebs, Scott is your guy.

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