New LES Reality Series In Turf War With Tinsley Mortimer

by BILLY GRAY · January 8, 2010

    Get ready, Lower East Siders: camera crews from outlets other than Cobrasnake are set to invade. The Scene, a new reality show about the local music circuit, just sent out a casting notice. Could this be the the final nail in Max Fish's coffin?

    Bowery Boogie has the whole memo, but here's the gist according to producer Jimmy Lloyd Productions:

    “The Scene…L.E.S” (Lower East Side) is a reality show that straddles the line between the music world and the real life drama of up and coming Singer-Songwriters who live around and play the circuit of performance venues on the Lower East Side of New York City.

    We already smell trouble! For one thing, the city's music scene is rooted firmly in North Brooklyn's hipster havens these days.

    For another, hasn't this subject already been covered by the Flight of the Conchords' Bret and Jermaine? Granted, the HBO comedy was not a reality program. But although its bizarre music videos were pure fantasy, the quirky squalor in which its heroes lived definitely struck a chord with struggling musicians across the five boroughs. (The Conchords lived in Chinatown, but graced LES venues like Lolita and 169 Bar with their goofy presence.)

    The Scene..L.E.S. has stiffer competition in the form of Tinsley Mortimer. The decidedly uptown girl slummed it at Lower East Side anti-destination Doghouse Saloon for her upcoming (we think?) reality show Empire State.

    If nothing else, we might have found an on-camera moonlighting gig:

    We want real characters who can bring an added dimension of interest and credibility to the forum. ie: bloggers, journalists.